Roberto Di Filippo

Roberto is a passionate winemaker. Natural viticulture is his life, and he has made his dream into reality. He spends his time with the horses who help him cultivate the vineyards, and his concerns in Italy and Romania. You are unlikely to find him in a jacket and tie, but  in boots and clothes more suitable for the vineyard.

Roberto Pieroni

Roberto is a true wine-enthusiast.Although an agricultural entrepreneur in another field he is excited  by the prospect of producing quality wines in his second Homeland.

Andrea Pesaresi

A young enologist who shares a passion for natural wines with Maura, his wife and “accomplice” in the Romanian adventure. There they have found the ideal environment in which to develop and appraise the land and assess new, local wine varieties.

Emma Di Filippo

Emma. The Female Energy of the group. Dynamic and always on the move with new ideas to bring the most out of  this region and its produce. She is constantly aware, like her brother Roberto (the winemaker), of the sustainability and natural quality of their produce.